About Us

"New Directions Learning Community will be a unique charter school in the state--with what I believe will be an incredibly effective and innovative approach to teaching--certainly exactly the right approach for a 21st century school." -John Gee, Executive Director - Wisconsin Charter School Association"

NDLC is New Directions Learning Community Charter School – a public charter school in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. NDLC will provide a unique learning opportunity for elementary school students and their families in Kaukauna and surrounding communities. In our supportive community, students will receive individualized instruction to help them grow as readers, writers, and problem solvers... they will become citizens for our global world.

Our Vision

The vision of the New Directions team is to develop a 4K through 4th grade charter school anchored in research-based best educational practices in all curricular areas. NDLC will utilize the Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop curriculum/methodology developed by Columbia University.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of New Directions is to develop student and teacher leaders. Students will be flexible, analytic, collaborative leaders ready for the demands of the 21st century. Staff will implement the Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop with fidelity across the elementary curricula in order to strengthen and improve the academic performance of the students. The mission also includes sharing the skills and techniques of the Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop with other interested educators inside and outside of the district. NDLC will be a labsite where teachers will model and educate others (teachers within the district, teachers from other districts, and students from surrounding universities in the education program) on the structure and benefits of the workshop. Staff will actively participate in professional development, peer coaching, and collegial study, while collaborating with one another in order to inform future practice and lift the level of student performance. The principal will work in collaboration with teachers to ensure the success of all students.

New Directions Instructional Program

Key Features:

Classroom Environment

NDLC's vision is reflected in the physical layout of our classrooms, which are warm, inviting, exciting places to learn. Desks have been exchanged for tables that foster student collaboration and discussion. Every room has its own carefully-selected classroom library to ensure that high quality books are available to students at all times. The walls are alive with student work and class-created charts that support learning. Classroom environments are designed to connect with students and empower them while fostering creativity, inquiry, discussion, and teamwork.

What will I see in an NDLC classroom?

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