Prospective Parents

Welcome! NDLC is a public charter school in the Kaukauna school district, WI. 

NDLC provides a unique educational philosophy for families in Kaukauna and surrounding communities.  NDLC is a public charter which means it is a free education and all families are eligible to enroll.  The vision of the NDLC team is to develop a 4K through 4th grade charter school anchored in research-based best educational practices in all curricular areas. The cornerstone of our instructional delivery is the Readers' and Writers' Workshop curriculum/methodology developed by Columbia University.  Teachers go through rigorous professional development lead by Columbia University. Their learning continues throughout the year with workshops, seminars and even week long training during the summer break to enhance their skills as educators. 

Our vision is reflected in the warm, inviting classrooms that burst with energy, excitement and achievement.  Desks are exchanged for tables that foster student collaboration.  Classroom environments are designed to connect with students and empower them while fostering creativity, discussion and teamwork.  Technology is integrated for student learning, inquiry, research, publication and communication.

Our mission is achieved through our instructional program which includes use of the Responsive Classroom Approach to teach social, emotional, and academic growth.  This includes a morning meeting to create a positive classroom climate, improve oral communication and make all students more comfortable to try new things in school. 

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